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Connecting ME/CFS Long Covid

ME/CFS is often post-viral and is a complex, multi-system, neurological disease that affects the energy system, immune system, digestive system, brain and body signalling in all sorts of different ways. There is currently no diagnostic, treatment or cure.


- There was a 5% recovery rate for people with ME/CFS and those with severe and very severe ME/CFS have been left out of the system and society, housebound and bedbound. 

- There was 250K people living with ME/CFS in the UK, costing the UK £3.3B per year. 

(Updated) Now, in March 2022....

- 1.5 Million (2.4% of the UK pop) are still experiencing post-Covid symptoms after 1 month (ONS, Mar 22). This is across all ages; most were previously active and healthy but are now struggling with normal everyday activities.

- Latest reports show that as many as 50% with Long Covid, also meet the criteria for ME/CFS now, the hallmark symptom being Post-Extertional Malaise

- Outside the UK, there are clinical trials underway to explore the likelihood and treatment that micro-blood clots and tissue hypoxia (previously unseen by doctors) are a contributing factor and underlying reason for the body going into total body dysfunction - post-virus. (watch a Video of Dr Asad Khan explaining on BBC News). 

ME/CFS + Long Covid: About
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